Cavoodles & the dog park


It’s always a good idea to start socialising your cavoodle as soon as you can once they are fully vaccinated at 14 weeks. This includes at dog parks! 


I feel so lucky that within a 5km distance from us we have two dog parks that have sectioned off areas for small and big dogs. I love this idea as cavoodles tend to be on the smaller side of the scale. 


It makes me feel more at ease when we go to a small dog park where I can easily asses the situation and know that Bambi will be safe around dogs her own size and of similar breed, if anything did happen I could confidently step in. 


And it’s not that I have anything against bigger dogs but some just don’t know their own weight or size and we’ve been in situations where she just goes into the submissive position on her back and a big dog gets excited and is in the position where they could trample her. 


I don’t know about you but I don’t want any unnecessary vet bills from broken bones or unsolicited dog fight either! 


It also creates a scaring and fearful experience for your cavoodle if they feel unsafe or are constantly being pinned on the ground. That’s why we highly recommended taking your cavoodle to small dog parks only in their early days so they can get used to the space and the idea of socialising. 


They might not like it straight away and be timid at first, but if you pick a park you like and keep a routine of going on a weekly basis or organising a meet up time with a friend and their dog then your cavoodle will get familiar with it! 


You will tell they are getting used to it once they don’t stand at your feet or in between you legs 24/7 while you’re there and actually start playing with other dogs. It gives them a good run around and is great for their social skills too! 


Here are 4 great small dog parks we like: