Cavoodle puppies, the beach & their coat!
As soon as your cavoodle puppy is vaccinated it is a great family outing to take them to the beach!
At first they might be petrified of the noise of the waves breaking but remember this breed has poodle DNA in them and poodles love to swim — they were originally bred as water retrievers!
Remember, it’s how us humans react that teaches our new puppy to react to certain situations! That’s why you want to make their first experience near the water and the beach a fun and safe one!
You might want to bring their favourite toy with you, their favourite treats and get them used to walking on the dry sand,the wet sand and also in the shallow parts of the water. Make it fun and have them run after you and the kids, trust me it’s an experience your family won’t forget and memories that will last forever!
Don’t be scared for your puppy to get themselves wet, just remember to bring a microfibre towel with you, a slicker brush and some fresh water if you know the beach does not have access to a shower or tap. This is because if you do not wash your cavoodle down with fresh water after they have been in the salt water their coat can start to matt and cause knots that will hurt them to brush out later. It’s best to do it straight away before your car ride back home.
Depending on how wet and sandy they are it’s best to also give them a nice luke warm bath when they get home to avoid their coat going crusty from any salt that still might be trapped in their undercoat.