Toy Cavoodle Puppies For Sale

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Our Bambi girl (Ruby & Apricot cavoodle above in picture) has just come on heat in December and we may be expecting a litter of ruby red toy cavoodle puppies in late February/early March 2024. For serious enquiries please apply now via rightpaw here limited spots are available. 

Hi, my name is Bella & this is Daisy & Bambi 

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Since I was young I was always the animal lover in my family and wanted to become a vet. I soon came to realise I was allergic to some animals so my dream job wasn't going to work out.

As a result, my dad bought me my first cavoodle puppy after doing a lot of research about them being hypoallergenic for allergy and asthma sufferers. As a teenager my cavoodle was such a beautiful family pet that we wanted to have another pup just like her so they could get her temperament and beautiful features and so I really wanted to become a breeder. However, back then cavoodles were a rare breed in Australia and I had little knowledge about breeding in general and so did my parents.

Years later I still couldn't shake the love of this breed and that's when I started mycavoodle, a business solely dedicated to educating people and new cavoodle owners about looking after this breed and creating custom-made products just for them! Since I started this business I have met some wonderful cavoodles, owners and breeders, learning new things about this breed every day.

The last 3 years has been an amazing journey for us, I am very passionate about doing everything I can do make sure we provide families with well adjusted, healthy cavoodle fur-babies they will absolutely cherish. 

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What cavoodles are you breeding?

I'm specialise in f1b toy cavoodle puppies which means their mum is first generation cavoodle and dad is a toy poodle. This is so I can produce pups that are toy size, curly, very low shedding and perfect for allergy sufferers like myself. Our last litter of puppies fully grown are about 5-7.5kgs.


Have you DNA tested your dogs?

The answer is YES! I want to 100% be an ethical breeder and do everything I possibly can to produce healthy, happy, good-natured cavoodle puppies. Mum and Dad (dad pictured to the right - Louis) have both been tested through Orivet to ensure none of our puppies will be affected by any inheritable diseases. A copy of the tests will be given when puppies are picked up by their forever families.

Pricing - $4999

I totally understand bringing a cavoodle into your home is no little investment.. I paid premium pricing for Bambi peak covid but understand prices have stabilised. There has definitely been a demand for this breed the last couple of years, however I'm not doing this for a quick dollar, I do truly love this breed and my whole business is based around them so I love learning more about them including their traits, behaviour at all stages of their life cycle! My pricing of the puppies are to make sure I attract good families and individuals who can cover the long term cost of owning cavoodle and are looking for a life time companion.  The whole process from start to finish is 4 months and I dedicate a lot of time to raising well-adjusted puppies, you also receive my knowledge, experience, updates of the process from start to finish, photos, videos and regular facetime calls if you like. It also covers all their essentials including vaccinations, microchipping, worming, food, toys, set up and also an amazing puppy pack with literally everything you need to get started from our store! Plus I've even added an extra 6 months pet insurance to my puppy program so you can bring your pup home knowing they are insured.

Toy cavoodle puppies for sale Sydney



What comes included in the price?

- mycavoodle Shampoo, Conditioner & Cologne
- mycavoodle Grooming tool set 
- mycavoodle food and water bowl
- mycavoodle hemp Oil 
- mycavoodle lickmat
- mycavoodle snuffle mat 
- mycavoodle 3pck durable toy balls
- mycavoodle blanket with mum and siblings scent 
- mycavoodle robe 
- mycavoodle toys
- a how to take care of your new cavoodle guide
- current dry kibble they will be on
-current wet food the pups will be on (lyka)
- puppy treats

​- your puppy will be given to you with their first C3 vaccination
- microchip and change of ownership form
- up to date worming schedule 
- all health documentation and vaccination stickers
- health check report by our vet

We are also including 6 months FREE pet insurance with Knose.

Plus we like to stay in touch and provide on going support for you and your puppy. 

Not included so you can choose yourself - a bed or crate and carrier to take them home (need to have one when picking up pup).



Securing a puppy, whats the process?

1. We are taking applications for interest in our puppies as of now, and shortlisting serious families and individuals who are ready to bring home a cavoodle. It is first in best dressed.

2. Once we know how many puppies are born the short listed families will then be asked to put down a $1000 deposit to secure a pup at the 2 week mark so if circumstances change we can find another home for our puppies. 

3. Around the 4 week mark when we can get a better feel of their personality and appearance we then start matching the families to the puppies. I believe it's important for people to feel a connection with the puppy they want to take home but also to make sure that puppy will suit that families lifestyle (sending a very shy pup home with a family with 4 young kids the pup might struggle - so we like to help guide our families in their choice by giving them as much information as possible about each puppy's personality.

We will be posting lots of pictures, videos, and stories on our Instagram page if you want to keep up with the puppies' developments.   

4. At the 4 week mark once you have selected a puppy we will ask for the next $1000 deposit.

5. When the puppies are 7 weeks old we will be sending a final invoice out that will need to be paid before you come pick them up in person at 8 weeks to take them home or we can help organise transport to anywhere in Australia (We do not cover the cost of transport but we can help with arrangements). 

-We will be documenting the puppies from birth with their weights, cute photos, videos and once you select your pup and put a deposit down we can share all these with you as well and when they come home they will come with a booklet on their personality and recommendations, tip and tricks for a smooth adjustment. 

Viewings and collection are held from eight weeks old onward. We do not hold open days or offer visits before collection day for the safety of our pups. ​Payments are collected online through a secure payment option, we take mastercard, visa, shopay, we also offer afterpay or can even breakdown of payments from weeks four to eight. 

We are rightpaw verified 

We know there are a lot of cavoodle scammers out there so we've joined rightpaw to make you feel more comfortable with choosing us as your breeder!

RightPaw is a platform connecting people looking for a new puppy with ethical real breeders. 

I've had to go through a vetting process, answer questions, show my female and males studs DNA tests, facetime and show my home, where the puppies will be living and make sure I am adhering to NSW state regulations and uphold their code of ethics. 

Visit our rightpaw profile here

A little bit more about us 

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Hi, my name is Bella, I'm from south west sydney (out camden way) and I run, a business solely dedicated to providing knowledge and products to cavoodle owners and other breeders to make their lives easier.

I have grown up with cavoodles most of my life and I'm very passionate about this breed. Not only are Cavoodles the cutest, but they make great companions and family members.

This is part of the reason I've gotten into breeding because I truly believe this breed will be a great addition to most modern Australian families.

Their fun nature, combined with a low shedding coat, make them the ideal pet for families with children or mild allergy sufferers like myself. Cavoodles have beautiful temperaments which means they are great around young kids as they are not aggressive, they are fun, loyal and highly trainable.

They can be house trained, socialised and are great at learning new tricks. They are also friendly, affectionate and their small size makes them ideal for apartment and city-living families.

We are part of the Responsible Pet Breeders Australia Association (RPBA) 

We are also a part of the Responsible Pet Breeders Australia Association (RPBA), membership #13149. 

RPBA was founded in 2018 on the principle that all dog breeders and owners should have a platform to share their voice and ensure the well being of cats and dogs, to be treated ethically, with love and care, regardless of whether they are purebred or not.

The aim of RPBA is to ensure the absolute best conditions/upbringing for all dogs and cats that are bred and sold, for the welfare of the animals and new owners alike.

Our Breeder Identification Number - B001083887

Lyka Breeder Program 

Lyka Pet Food have recently put together a program with reputable breeders across Australia in order to help support and empower dog owners about natural, wholefood nutrition & have asked mycavoodle to be part of their program, we are now one of their top 10 referrers in Australia!

Lyka is an Australian owned, human-grade, fresh food company developed by holistic Veterinarian Dr. Matt Muir alongside a team of vet nutritionists. 

As partners we are able to give our pup's families our special referral code MYCAVOODLE20 so they can get 30% off their first lyka box. 

And our pups will now also get to enjoy the Lyka food range when we wean them off mum and will go home with a few packets.

Check out more here

A bit more about Mum & Dad

Bambi is an apricot coloured 3-year-old first-generation cavoodle with ruby features around her ears, tail and eyes.

She weighs between 6 -7kgs and has a low to non shedding fleece coat which has gotten more curly as she has got older.

She is extremely affectionate, smart, trainable, loyal and lives indoors in our family home.

Her favourite things to do are play fetch, play with her sister Daisy and she loves a good run on the beach.

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Louis is a 3 year old red toy poodle stud who weighs 4.2Kg.

He has been fully health tested including PennHIP scored, DNA tested and is clear of all hereditary diseases associated with the toy poodle.

He is fully furnished and has a thick coat of wool making the puppies hypoallergenic and produces highly sought-after luxurious fleece and curly-coated ruby red puppies with low to non-shedding coats.

Louis has a sweet, gentle temperament and is good with young children. 

Previous Puppy Customer Testimonials 

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" Bella’s care and nurturing of her puppies is next level. Her passion and love for cavoodles shines through in every aspect of her business and in particular as professional breeder. She provides guidance, support, and education at every step of the process. She’s a trusted expert in her field and is dedicated to breeding high quality, beautiful natured puppies."

~ Nicole Russell 

"I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Based in Qld, I was always going to need great communication from Bella, to build trust and to keep up to speed with how the puppies were developing. Bella was excellent sending me videos, talking via FaceTime, sending photos and answering the myriad of questions I had. I now have such, a beautiful natured, clever, loving little puppy that knows his name, is close to being fully toilet trained at 15weeks old and sleeps through the night with no fuss. I can’t thank Bella enough for the lengths she went to in helping raise my fur-baby Frankie."

~ Fiona Strez

"Our experience with Bella from My Cavoodle has been transparent and wonderful from the beginning to the end. First and foremost, it’s obvious Bella’s main focus is to ensure puppies are homed to loving, caring and responsible homes. During the entire process from our puppy’s birth to joining our family, Bella kept us updated on his development and provided a very well presented and informative manual on pick-up. Our puppy Bruno has quickly become a loving member of our family and I would strongly recommend using My Cavoodle! Thank you Bella!"

~ Vee Riley

"So pleased my puppy started life in the best possible way! Even the vet was blown away by how much socialisation and training she had before she came home. With daily photos/videos and updates through the whole process, no question was ever a problem. Would highly recommend this breeder for a well adjusted, healthy, happy puppy. The mycavoodle products are also of the highest quality. Only the best!"

~Paula Cawston

Gallery of our Previous Puppies

Pictures of some of our previous cavoodle puppies and them all grown up!

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