What's the difference between aF1, F1b, F2, F2b and Multigen Cavoodles
Because cavoodles have grown in popularity over the last decade, there has become a number of different terms for how a cavoodle is bred and how its bloodlines are mixed.
These terms include a first-generation cavoodle (F1 cavoodle), F1B, second-generation cavoodle (F2 cavoodle) and multigenerational.
A F1 Cavoodle - is a first-generation cavoodle that is a cross between a pure poodle (usually toy or miniature or mix), and a pure Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. First-generation cavoodles are sometimes more consistent to breed due to the puppies, usually displaying a good even mix of the two breeds, all with a consistent, low shedding wavy coat, and comes with all the health benefits of crossing two different breeds with different genetics. However, sometimes this isn't always the case and one parent's gene can take more precedent.
first generation cavoodle puppy (f1 cavoodle)
A F1B Cavoodle - is a cavoodle that comes from a 1st generation Cavoodle crossed with a poodle, (some breeders may use a cavalier as well if specialising in straight-haired coats - this is why it is important to ask what the parents are when buying an F1b cavoodle). However, when bred with the poodle, the traits of the pure breed in an F1B Cavoodle are likely to be more present, such as a Cavoodle back to a poodle which means the pup can have more of hypoallergenic wool coat and means it can be less shedding than a 1st generation cavoodle.
f1b cavoodle
f1b cavoodle
A F2 Cavoodle - is 50% Cavoodle and 50% Cavoodle of each parent, so the puppies ratio of each parent does not change. They are still low to non-shedding and can have deep curls, to waves to straight within the one litter. Their appearance can range from cavalier features, poodle features or somewhere in between. 
f2 cavoodle puppy
A F2b cavoodle is when a F2 cavoodle is bred with a pure poodle or cavalier king charles spaniel. 
f2b cavoodle
f2b cavoodle
F3/ Multigenerational Cavoodle - is a term that can be applied to any cavoodle generation beyond an F2 or F2b. 
f3 cavoodle puppy
See below all in one cavoodle multigenerational breeding chart:
what is the difference between an f1 cavoodle and f2 cavoodle puppy