About Us


Hi, I'm Bella and this is Bambi

Well what can i say... I love cavoodles! I might be a bit bias, but hand on heart I don't know if I could ever own another breed!

Not only are Cavoodles the cutest, but they make great companions and family members. Ever since I was young, I was obsessed with toy teddy bears and now I have my own real life teddy bear (also known as Bambi, my toy cavoodle). She's one little sassy, smart, feisty pup with lots of love to give and has been such a beautiful addition to my our family. 


Why did I start mycavoodle?

When I decided to buy another puppy a few years after my precious Roxy (another cavoodle) sadly passed away from an undetected tick. I forgot how overwhelming the whole process was bringing a new puppy home and what I needed to buy again to best care for my new furbaby.

At the pet shop that day I bought Bambi, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of different products on the shelf and the pressure from the staff in-store that I just put anything in my trolley, paid a very big bill at the end and went home worrying and hoping that I had everything I needed; which i didn't.....

Some things I bought didn't fit right, she didn't like the wet food they had said she was on, the shampoo and conditioner bought out the dreaded "dog smell" even more and I ended up making a quick Kmart run that night again not finding anything I thought was good enough for my new pup.

That's when mycavoodle was born, out of the desire to help other cavoodle owners or future cavoodle puppy owners learn about this beautiful breed and find products that are best for their new family member. 


What's special about our business and products?

mycavoodle is a Sydney based business which is 100% Australian owned and run. Our mission is to provide new and existing cavoodle owners with knowledge about the cavoodle breed and high quality products that are only the best for their furbaby! 

This means we only look at sourcing the best quality products. Our shampoo, conditioner and hemp oil products are made in Australia and are biodegradable, never tested on animals and don't have any nasties in them!