Is your cavoodle vomiting after meals?  Why a slow feeder or lickmat can help.

If you own a cavoodle you either have a really fussy slow eater who could be at their food bowl for 20 minutes or more, or you could have a cavoodle like mine where you put down the food, walk from their bowl to the kitchen and they’ve already gulped down their food. 

If you’ve got a cavoodle like mine then you might also know that it can be quite common for them to vomit their food up after a meal as a result of eating too fast. I don't know about you but I quickly got tired of cleaning up vomit off my carpets, lounge and sometimes even being woken up during the night to regurgitating sounds! 

This is where a slow feeder bowl and lickmat become the perfect solution to my problem! 

What is a cavoodle slow feeder bowl?

A slow feeder bowl is specially designed with inbuilt obstacles or ridges that make the eating process a bit more challenging for your cavoodle. The unique design encourages your cavoodle to navigate around the obstacles to access their food and forces them to slow down whilst eating. 

See below example of a slow feeder bowl for cavoodles:

cavoodle slow feeder bowl


What is a cavoodle lickmat?


A lickmat is another type of slow eater that promotes slower eating behaviour but instead of it being a bowl it's a flat mat usually made out of rubber or silicone about a centimeter or two high that has a pattern or textured surface. The idea is you spread your cavoodles food between the grooves of the lick mat and your cavoodle licks it off instead of gulping the food. The repetitive licking action triggers the release of calming endorphins in your cavoodle’s brain, helping to soothe anxiety and reduce stress. At the same time it slows down the process of eating and is a great sensory experience for them as they have to use their tongue between every groove or pattern. 


See below example of a lickmat slow feeder for cavoodles:


cavoodle lick mat slow feeder


These versatile feeding tools aren't just limited to mealtime; they can be used during grooming sessions, crate training, vet visits, or any time you need to keep your cavoodle entertained and relaxed. The lickmat also provides a wonderful way to make positive associations with potentially stressful situations, helping your cavoodle feel more at ease.

Other benefits associated with these include:

  • Promotes slower eating habits & helps with gastrointestinal problems
  • Aids in weight management
  • Reduces rapid ingestion and vomiting
  • Mental Stimulation & Enrichment
  • Prevents choking hazards
  • Easy to clean and durable