Cavoodle Coat Colours: Everything you need to know about how a cavoodle gets its coat colouring

These days it's not uncommon to mistake a Cavoodle for another breed, this is probably because some Cavoodles are so unique in colouring you wonder whether it's really a Cavoodle at all!

Born from the original union of a Poodle and a King Charles Cavalier, Cavoodles inherit their coat colours from both parents, resulting in truly mesmerising varieties.

With the rising popularity of the breed and advancements in genetic testing, new coat colour trends are emerging among Cavoodles. 

Breeders now have the ability to predict the potential coat colours of a Cavoodle litter by analysing the colour genes carried by the parents by doing genetic DNA testing. This exciting development allows breeders to offer a wider range of coat colour options for prospective Cavoodle owners.

So to understand what colours a Cavoodle can be you need to understand that the coat colour combinations will derive from the colour genetics of a Poodle and King Charles Cavalier.


The Poodle

According to the American Kennel Club a Poodle can be of the following solid colours: 

  • Black: A solid black coat without any other colour markings.
black poodle coat
  • White: A solid white coat without any other colour markings.

white poodle coat

  • Brown: Also known as chocolate, this colour is a solid rich brown shade.

brown poodle coat

  • Cream/Apricot: Ranging from a light cream to a deeper apricot colour, this shade can have variations in intensity.

Cream/Apricot Poodle

  • Gray: A solid gray coat, sometimes referred to as blue, which can range from a dark shade to a lighter silver colour.

gray poodle

  • Silver: A lighter shade of gray with a distinct silver hue.

silver poodle coat

  • Red: A solid deep red shade, similar to a mahogany colour.

red ruby poodle coat

  • Cafe au Lait: A light brown colour with a hint of gray or silver, resembling the colour of coffee with milk.

Cafe au Lait poodle coat

In addition to these solid colours, Poodles can also have various patterns and markings, including parti, phantom, and abstract. These patterns often combine multiple colours, adding further variety to the Poodle's appearance and making them unique for breeding.


What is a parti poodle? Can cavoodles be parti coated?

A parti poodle is a Poodle with a coat colour pattern that consists of large patches or spots of two or more colours. This pattern can be seen on various parts of the dog's body, including the head, body, and limbs. Parti poodles have a base colour, which can be any solid colour recognised in Poodles, and then have contrasting patches or spots of a different colour.

parti poodle coat

Yes, cavoodles can have parti coats, it just means they have a prominent solid base colour with different coloured patches. My daisy is an example of a Parti cavoodle. 

parti cavoodle


What is a phantom poodle? Can cavoodles be phantom coated?

The phantom pattern consists of solid base colour markings with distinct tan or cream points on specific areas like the eyebrows, cheeks, inside the ears, chest, legs, and beneath the tail.

The base colour of a phantom poodle can be any recognised solid colour, such as black, brown, red, apricot, or silver.

phantom poodle coat

Yes, cavoodles can come in phantom colouring but they are much more rare and unique, not every cavoodle puppy in the litter will be a phantom even if the poodle parent is.

phantom cavoodle


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, can also come in various coat colours and patterns too including these four main ones: 

  • Blenheim: This is the most well-known and classic colour for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Blenheim Cavaliers have a rich chestnut coat with white markings on the face, chest, and legs.

Blenheim cavalier

  • Tricolour: Tricolor Cavaliers have a black and white coat with tan markings above the eyes, on the cheeks, inside the ears, and on the legs.

Tricolour cav

  • Black and Tan: Cavaliers with a black and tan coat have a black base with tan markings above the eyes, on the cheeks, inside the ears, on the chest, and on the legs.

Black and Tan cavalier

  • Ruby: Ruby Cavaliers have a rich, solid red coat without any white or tan markings.

ruby cavalier


Cavoodle Coat Colours

Now that we have explained the genetic colours of poodles and cavaliers, it will explain how we are able to get a magnitude of different coloured cavoodles including:


1. Solid Colours

  • BlackA Cavoodle can have a solid black coat.

a black coloured cavoodle puppy


  • White: Solid white cavoodles with no markings are also possible, but on the more rare side.

white cavoodle puppy


  • Brown: A solid brown coat, often referred to as "chocolate," is another option.

chocolate cavoodle puppy / brown cavoodle puppy


  • Cream & Apricot: Cavoodles can have a solid cream-colored coat. (“Apricot” is a term also used as a colour to describe cavoodle coats but it's a mix between a cream and ruby coat, not as white as cream but not a deep ruby red). For example in the photos below you can see the slight difference.


cream cavoodle puppyapricot cavoodle puppy colour


  • Ruby: This is probably the most common cavoodle coloured coat and its more of a rich red than brown. 

ruby cavoodle puppy colour


2. Bicolor Combinations:

  • Black and White: Cavoodles can have a combination of black and white, with a predominantly black or white base coat and markings of the opposite colour.

black and white cavoodle puppy colour


  • Ruby and White: Similar to black and white, Cavoodles can have ruby and white combinations.

ruby and white marking cavoodle colour puppy


  • Black and Tan: This combination includes a black base coat with tan markings on specific areas like the face, legs, and chest.

black and tan cavoodle puppy colour


3. Tricolor Combinations:


  • Black, White, and Tan: Cavoodles can have a tricolor combination with a black base coat, white markings, and tan points.

black white and tan cavoodle puppy colour


  • Merle: is another unique coat for cavoodles where they have a bluish-gray base coat with irregular patches or marbling of black or darker gray throughout the coat. This creates a unique and striking appearance. The merle pattern can vary in intensity and distribution, resulting in different coat variations.

merle cavoodle puppy coat colouring


  • Sable: Sable cavoodles have a coat that combines different shades of red, often with black tipping, resulting in a mottled or shaded appearance. This is a very rare colouring.

sable cavoodle coloured puppy


As you can see cavoodles can come in a vast range of coloured coats. It's important to remember that while coat colour is a desirable trait, other factors such as health, temperament, and suitability to your lifestyle should also be considered when choosing a Cavoodle puppy. 




Why do you see a lot of ruby and Apricot coloured cavoodles around?


We believe this comes from the popularity of their appealing and sought-after aesthetics. As a result, breeders may specifically select and breed dogs with these coat colours to meet the demand in the market. This increases the likelihood of seeing more of these ruby coloured cavoodles around. 


Also because the poodle has a fading gene that many people do not realise, some ruby cavoodles may fade over time and their coat colour will then turn Apricot once they have been groomed and their adult coat comes in. So this is why you will see these coloured cavoodles around more often.