The 3 Types of Cavoodle Coats

There are three types of coats a cavoodle can have because they are a crossbreed.

When bred their appearance is never guaranteed or predicted as some might take more of the traits of one parent, just as us humans can!

These 3 coats include:

1. A Straight-haired Cavoodle - Straight haired cavoodles take after their cavalier king charles spaniel parent. This means their legs may be shorter and their ears droopy like the characteristic of the cavalier. This also means their coat is quite short in appearance, may have a slight wave and resembles a coat of a long-haired terrier. Straight haired cavoodles will shed more, however, require a lot less grooming compared to cavoodles with thicker coats which get matted easily. Can be seen in first or second generation cavoodles.


2. A Fleece haired cavoodle - this is the most common coat in first-generation cavoodles. They appear to have long wavy coats or very loose curls that remind you of a teddy bear! Cavoodles with a fleece coat rarely shed, however, they do need to be more frequently groomed so matting of the fur does not occur and require clipping every few months. 


3. A Woollen haired cavoodle - These cavoodles tend to take more of the likening to a poodle, their legs are thinner and longer in nature, their fur is made up of extra tight curls, they have a longer snout and their ears are shorter like a poodle. They may also weigh less due to their small frame. These tend to be seen when bred as a F1b cavoodle (cavoodle x poodle).