The Ultimate Cavoodle Starter Kit


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This is the ultimate cavoodle starter kit that has everything you need to pamper your cavoodle when you bring them home or at bath time. Buy all together and save!


mycavoodle shampoo is made from natural plant-based ingredients that are gentle to use on cavoodle puppies and dogs. It cleans, moisturises, detangles, reduces odours & soothes itchy skin.

While the leave-in conditioner can be used on wet or dry coats that works like a mask between washes to keep your cavoodles coat moisturised, re-hydrated and smelling fresh like a tropical oasis. The cavoodle leave in conditioner it also has amazing detangling qualities when left on the coat to soften mats and knots.  

Our specially crafted coconut and pomegranate cologne spray not only leaves your cavoodle smelling divine but also provides a multitude of benefits.

Our hemp oil is the perfect daily supplement for cavoodles suffering from itchy skin, arthritis or stress. 100% Australian Product. 

Timeless mini set of dark wooden, stainless steel grooming tools and brushes for your cavoodle puppy or dog. 5 essential grooming tools any cavoodle owners needs maintain their cavoodles coat daily.  

Click on the below to video our step by step bath time routine for a fluffy, soft cavoodle coat anyone can get from home!

How To Wash A Cavoodle At Home | Step-by-Step Home Grooming

Watch our behind the scenes video how our cavoodle conditioner was formulated 

how we make our cavoodle shampoo and conditioner

How to use the set?

De-matting tool (removes the undercoat, any loose fur, eliminates knots and trapped dirt to keep your cavoodles coat tangle-free. This tool will also eliminate any light shedding when used frequently).

Slicker brush: Perfect for making your cavoodles coat fluffy as if they've just gone to the groomers! Ideal for thick or curly-coated cavoodles with fleece or wool that require rigorous grooming to remove debris, loose hair and knots in the fur. Highly effective at penetrating deep into the coat and removing malted hair and skin.

Two-sided pin and bristle brush: Perfect for puppies to get them used to brushing & shorter cavoodle coats for removing fine dirt and adding shine to the coat. Regular brushing with the bristles resembles a massage on the skin and will increase oil production on your cavoodles coat, which can help reduce excessive shedding and improve the overall shine.

Comb: perfectly designed with fine and thicker teeth to go through a thick cavoodle coat. Ideal for removal of large mats, tangles or fleas and their droppings. Also great for tidying up near the face and thin teeth for removing dried up tear stains hard to pick out.

Nail scissors: Ideal for keeping their nails short to protect against scratching and nasty rips on furniture. Small, non-intimidating and easy to use.

* Size of the tools: 15cm Slicker Brush, 14cm de-matting tool, 15cm comb, 14cm pin and bristle brush, 12cm nail scissors. 

* Note these tools are on the smaller size small and may not be great for people with large hands or for larger cavoodles if you prefer a larger brush.

Customer Reviews

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Isabella Robson
Groomer starter kit

It’s the best starter kit I have ever try

Best for my Princess Miss Daisy 🌼

Thankyou 🙂 I recieved my Cavoodle starter pack & Miss Daisy had her first bath with your shampoo & conditioner, they are lush & it has made her hair super soft & shiny 💖 we won’t be using any other product now.

Jo Apap
Ultimate Cavoodle starter kit

Great quality products in the starter kit that suit our toy cavoodle Miley perfectly. The grooming tools were excellent for her coat. We wanted a shampoo, conditioner and cologne that had a nice smell for her but a product that was also very good for her sensitive skin which is exactly what we got with these products. Great quality products and great customer service!

Ultimate Cavoodle starter kit

So pleased I managed to get the ultimate starter kit on your recent Black Friday sales @ 40% off🙏. I’ve been wanting to purchase this set for in between professional grooms on our 8.5 month old toy Cavoodle Yogibear. I’ve just received it today, haven’t had a chance to bath him yet. Wow the divine aroma of the cologne I sprayed on him, Coconut & Pomegranate …. Just beautiful! Yogi smells like a tropical island 🥰 already! The grooming set is awesome for my Cavoodle. The brush & metal comb I’ve been using were too big for him. The grooming tools in the kit are perfect size for him & excellent quality. Thanks again MyCavoodle for this awesome product especially for cavoodles. I totally get the 5 star ratings now & highly recommend your products to anyone with a Cavoodle 🤗🐾

Tresa Jacob

The kit is worth every penny spent! Lil teddy smells Devine