Cavoodle Grooming Tool Set


Please note: the grooming tool set no longer comes in a drawstring bag, they are now in a beautiful matte black keepsafe box for easy storage - we are working on updating photos shortly.

Timeless mini set of dark wooden, stainless steel grooming tools and brushes for your cavoodle puppy or dog. 5 essential grooming tools any cavoodle owners needs maintain their cavoodles coat daily. Comes in a matte black keepsafe box Black Cotton to keep all together for easy and convenient storage.


1 x 14cm de-matting tool (removes the undercoat, any loose fur, eliminates knots and trapped dirt to keep your cavoodles coat tangle-free. This tool will also eliminate any light shedding when used frequently).

1 x 15cm slicker brush: Perfect for making your cavoodles coat fluffy as if they've just gone to the groomers! Ideal for thick or curly-coated cavoodles with fleece or wool that require rigorous grooming to remove debris, loose hair and knots in the fur. Highly effective at penetrating deep into the coat and removing malted hair and skin.

1 x 14cm two-sided pin and bristle brush: Perfect for puppies to get them used to brushing & shorter cavoodle coats for removing fine dirt and adding shine to the coat. Regular brushing with the bristles resembles a massage on the skin and will increase oil production on your cavoodles coat, which can help reduce excessive shedding and improve the overall shine.

1 x 15cm comb: perfectly designed with fine and thicker teeth to go through a thick cavoodle coat. Ideal for removal of large mats, tangles or fleas and their droppings. Also great for tidying up near the face and thin teeth for removing dried up tear stains hard to pick out.

1 x 12cm nail scissors: Ideal for keeping their nails short to protect against scratching and nasty rips on furniture. Small, non-intimidating and easy to use.


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Cavoodle Products

A Class from all my items from Shampoo/Conditioner Toys & Grooming Products thumbs up in every way

Grooming kit

Great quality. Easy to use, perfect size for my furball.

Jodie S
Great brushes

Order arrived super quick - and brushes are excellent. Definitely high quality. Our cavoodle hates being brushed but he is laying and letting us brush him without running away! With a longer coat in winter it’s so hard with the constant knots/ matting but the slicker brush especially works well.
They are very small though - think a bigger size for larger dogs would be better. Size options would be good!

Great Grooming Kit

We have been trying to groom our puppy toy cavoodle for a couple months now with some store-bought (same items mind you) grooming tools and it's been quite the struggle overall. This little kit has been doing the trick for the past few weeks. Yes, they are a little bit smaller than 'standard' and I reckon that is why it is working so well in the little areas that she tries so desperately for us not to reach! The nail clippers work a treat and the options of tools allow for an exceptional tidy! Would recommend and love our set!


Since getting my toy cavoodle I had pieced together a couple of slicker brushes and combs but didn't really love any of them. Took a chance and ordered this pack and it's made grooming much more enjoyable and effective! The de-matting tool is great, love the slicker brush and bristle brush too. All a nice small size too!