mycavoodle 3-pack durable toy balls


Custom-made high-quality safe toys specifically for cavoodles!


Our aesthetically pleasing 3-pack of balls are not only the perfect size (5cm diameter) for a small teething cavoodle pup but they are great for older cavoodles too that still like to chew! They come in a pack of three containing a light tan, dark tan and black ball.

They are made from special rubber material that is extra durable and safe for aggressive chewers. These tough balls are strong enough to last but are not tough enough to damage your cavoodle's teeth. 


These unique balls are perfect for playing fetch with your cavoodle or keeping them occupied, they are super bouncy and perfect on hard floors, grass and at the beach! They also float, dry super quick and do not absorb any water or saliva making them so easy to clean. 





Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Erishka Fridman-Catt
Great set of balls

Got ours today and loving them. As balls rolled out of the net, Cosmo started playing with all 3 at once. It was so much joy to watch him being happy with new toys.
Packaging also well thought out, easy to carry one or all 3 when out on walks. Can be easily found in the bag.
All products from my Cavoodle are packaged nicely, neatly, modern looking and are pleasure to receive, open and use.

Tahlia Thrush
Highly recommend!!!

I bought these when my girl was 8 weeks old. She's now 8 months and still absolutely loves them. Is the only ball that she hasn't managed to chew pieces off so awesome quality. Perfect size for small mouths too ☺️


My Kingsley loves these

Best for little Cavoodle mouths🤗

Took 1 out of the bag of 3 (Christmas present) for our 8.5 month old Yogibear toy Cavoodle. Oh wow he loooves the ball so much. No way would he let me have it for at least 15 minutes to play fetch. He has not stopped playing his own little fetch & soccer game for over an hour. Thanks MyCavoodle for an excellent product. Highly recommend your products 🐾🙏

Linda Weir
Fun and Games

Our 5 month old Cavoodle really loves playing with her new durable balls. She loves the fact (and so do we) that she easily manages to play with and toss these smaller sized balls around by herself, when we are not able to play fetch with her. As she is teething, it's comforting to know she can safely chew this product without any harmful effects on her or her now favourite toy! Great product to buy for your Cavoodle or small dog!