Why is hemp seed oil good for cavoodles?

Does your cavoodle suffer from itchy skin issues, arthritis or their coat looking a little dull?

Hemp Seed Oil contains natural fatty acids omega 3,6 & 9 that is a natural anti-inflammatory, can help improve skin conditions and also boost brain development in cavoodle puppies!

It also:

  • Improves gut health & helps with digestion
  • Improves hip & joint support, helps with arthritis in ageing cavoodles
  • Is an anti-inflammatory & natural stress reliever
  • Produces a healthy, shiny looking coat
  • Relieves itchy skin

Our mycavoodle hemp seed oil is 100% Australian product and does not contain CBD or THC. It's the perfect supplement to add to their meals daily or apply to dry, cracked paws or noses.



Is hemp seed oil a drug?

No, our hemp seed oil is not a drug. It is made from pure hemp seed oil and contains no CBD or THC. It is 100% pure with no side effects, only nutritious benefits! Hemp, cannabis and marijuana are the same plant species, Cannabis Sativa, but they are different varieties that have been bred for different purposes. The main difference is that marijuana contains high THC levels, and the hemp that's in our hemp seed oil has no THC content.


What does Hemp Seed Oil taste like?

Hemp oil has a smooth, nutty taste and is a yellow-green colour. Fussy-eating cavoodles may notice straight away something is different when put in their food. We recommend putting on high-value foods when first introducing to your pup so they can't say no! Feeding with food that also already has a potent flavour or scent may also work better e.g. on Tuna/Salmon. Be persistent if they refuse to eat it, the nutritional benefits it will bring will outweigh the trouble!


Will this help with my cavoodles separation anxiety or calm them down?

Our hemp oil is not for treating anxiety as it does not contain CBD or THC which are the parts of the hemp plant that contain the phytochemical compound. If your cavoodle does suffer from conditions, including severe skin irritations, severe arthritis causing pain, separation anxiety and mood disorders, seizure disorders, or cancer then speak to your vet about a prescription for CBD oil (we do not sell this - The laws around CBD oil in Australia make it very difficult to access except through a medical practitioner).


Other benefits of hemp seed oil include:

cavoodle puppies hemp seed oil itchy skin