toxic plants for your cavoodle

If you have a cavoodle that loves to get into everything and chew on anything, you want to ensure the plants in your backyard or in the house they can reach aren’t toxic for them. Even if you don’t have a chewer on your hands, cavoodles can be curious, and if you’re not watching them 24/7, you never know what they could put into their mouth. The consequences of them ingesting a plant that is even mildly toxic for them could end in you having a very sick cavoodle and a large bill from the vet hospital. 

Common symptoms to look out for if you think your cavoodle has eaten a toxic plant include vomiting, diarrhoea, tremors, lack of appetite, skin irritation, lethargy, difficulties breathing and in extreme cases seizures.

However, this can be completely avoided by choosing plants that are non-toxic to your cavoodle! We have put together a cheat sheet with an extensive list of toxic plants you want to avoid, along with coloured pictures to help you spot if you have these lying around your property, along with a few non toxic ones you can add to your collection!

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toxic plants for your cavoodle puppy or dog
toxic plants for your cavoodle puppies and dogs