Creamy White mycavoodle Harness - 50% OFF

$10.00 $20.00
Our ultra safe cream white harness for your cavoodle is here! These cavoodle harnesses are FULLY adjustable, meaning you can adjust the neck and chest straps to the desired length.

Safety and Features:
  • Adjustable harness grows with your cavoodle and goes over the head for extra safety (stops them from pulling a Houdini!)
  • Comes in two sizes XS for those petite cavoodles under 5kg and S for those between 5-10kg
  • Two clip buckles making it easy to put on and take off for both sides
  • Double rings on the back for extra safety, stability and control at all times
  • One ring at the front for optional no pull walking option
  • Breathable mesh and crease free fabric to stop matting
  • Quality and strong stitching
  • Quick drying  

To make way for new harness stock coming in at the end of the year we are having a massive 50% OFF stocktake clearance on our current harnesses, leads and poo bags.

You may have noticed this creamy white harness set has a never been launched onto our store before, this is because our supplier misunderstood our branding colours and made these harnesses a cream colour white instead of pure white.

Therefore I have been contemplating selling these the last few months, however they are completely functional, great quality and safe (They are exactly the same design as our black ones), I was just being a bit picky about the colour!

Now's your chance to grab a bargain on these harnesses at half price! Makes for a great Xmas stocking filler or backup harness set to keep in the car this summer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Liz Meyer
Gorgeous harness

XS Fits beautifully on my 14week MINI CAVOODLE. And so stylish 💕

Karina H

Great fit and looks very comfortable