Is Lyka a good option for my cavoodle?

Recently Lyka reached out to us to invite us to their breeder program. In this program they are working with reputable breeders across Australia in order to help support and empower dog owners about natural, wholefood nutrition.

As you know I like to feed my cavoodles fresh human-grade food with a mix of kibble and change it up now and again to keep them interested and not make them too fussy. 

I actually bought Lyka last year for Bambi on my own merits (not with any partnership perks) as I was looking for a convenient solution to make my life easier and make healthy food prep for her less time consuming on my part. That’s when I came across Lyka and I was so impressed by their story and brand! 

I built a custom box for her on their website, put in all her information and it spat out a custom plan for her weight, age and breed (side note - don’t you love when companies consider a cavoodle a breed in form drop downs, makes me so happy to see how far the cavoodle breed has come!)

The box came to about $154 and included 4 weeks worth of food, free delivery and the option to pause, change or cancel the box subscription at any time. I liked the sound of it because it meant I could feed her twice a day for around $5, was healthy for her and convenient for me!

The delivery arrived that week in a beautiful green box, with all the frozen pouches inside and even with a gift inside (sardine treats - which bambi and daisy absolutely love). The idea is that you defrost one or two when you need it and the rest stay fresh for months frozen so there is never any wastage. 

lyka for cavoodles

Did my cavoodles like Lyka? The honest truth!

Short answer Yes, longer answer… we all know cavoodles love to change their minds!

When I first fed Bambi Lyka she loved it, I topped it with a bit of cheese and she would lick the bowl clean and I thought great that was easy, but that only lasted a few weeks…

Feeding it morning and night over time I could see she was getting tiresome of eating the same kind of textured food all the time, even though I chose different flavours. Which meant I needed to change up her food once and a while so she didn’t get bored of it or add different toppers. 

Also I noticed sometimes if she would eat the Lyka too quickly, because it's like a minced form, sometimes she would vomit it back up and then try to eat it again as she’s always been a gobbler, so i changed from feeding it to her in a bowl to a slow feeder/licker mat and that's made a huge difference!

cavoodles eating fresh food lyka

It’s even great to put inside a kong and mix with kibble, yoghurt and cheese if your cavoodle loves them, that way they slow down when eating. 

At one point I ended up getting 3 boxes delivered and my freezer was overflowing, because I was alternating meals to keep it interesting for her and feeding her Lyka when I needed the convenience I paused the subscription. 

But when Bambi had her cavoodle puppies she needed extra food and was always hungry so Lyka really came in handy again. Once Bambi’s puppies were weaned off her milk, I also gave them Lyka to try and they absolutely loved it plus the texture was perfect for them, even Daisy loved it too when I bought her home!

I still feed my girls Lyka to this day and also alternate their meals. I will defrost 2-4 packets of Lyka a week, feed them this for a couple days when I’m time poor and then cook up some chicken, rice and vegetables for them the rest of the week.

However Daisy seems to really enjoy the Lyka and Bambi will eat whatever Daisy is eating now so it’s been a convenient, healthy and affordable option for the both of them as we know how expensive meats and the cost of groceries has gone up recently.


To help you get started and try out your first box, use our 20% off discount code below to see whether Lyka is a good option for your cavoodle, we’d love to know your feedback and experience with Lyka as a cavoodle owner! Let us know if you do order a box as we'd love to give you a shoutout on our socials!

Our Lyka Referral Discount Code

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As partners of Lyka we are able to give our pup's families and our friends a special referral code so they can get 20% off their first box of Lyka. Plus our future litters of cavoodles will now also get to enjoy the Lyka food range when we wean them off mum. 

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In our last box we also got the Go-to gut helper which is a supplement for their intestinal health when transitioning them to Lyka, between diets, post antibiotic treatments and also during emotional stress. It’s been formulated as an immunity booster and to reduce digestive issues which I’ve been giving specifically to Daisy lately as we’ve had a couple visits to the vet with gastrointestinal issues and she recently came off antibiotics so this will help restore the good bacteria in her belly.  

cavoodle gut health

The girls also love the sardine snap treats and go crazy for them so feel free to add them to your box, they have other options too which we are keen on trying in our next box as well!

cavoodle treats

More about Lyka

Lyka is an Australian owned, human-grade, fresh food company developed by founder Anna (for her dog Lyka) and holistic Veterinarian Dr. Matt Muir alongside a team of vet nutritionists. 

Anna started creating homemade food for Lyka to improve her dog’s health after experiencing several health conditions despite feeding Lyka premium commercial pet food and exercising her daily. In just a few weeks she noticed Lyka had more energy, less tooth decay, a healthier coat and no longer had itchy skin. 

In 2018 Dr Matt joined forces with Lyka sharing the same passion for dogs, their nutrition and has been able to use his veterinary expertise and incredible life experiences to help formulate Lyka’s whole food recipes and guide the Lyka pack on their journey to a fresh and more natural way of feeding. Lyka is also gluten, soy, dairy, lactose and sugar free.