3-in-1 slow feeder cavoodle bowl with silicone mat


Is your cavoodle a fast eater? Do they vomit up their food sometimes because they gobble it up so quickly? If you answered yes to both then you need our easy to clean 3-in-1 slow feeder bowl. 


Perfect to help your cavoodle slow down their eating habits and avoid gulping!


This separable design unlike other bowls pulls apart completely for easy storage, travel and cleaning. It contains the  1 x silicone mat to catch food even from the messiest eaters and drinkers, which mean no more water on your floors or sliding stainless steel bowls! 1 x  stainless steel food bowl, 1x  stainless steel deep water bowl and 1 x plastic slow feeder that stacks on top of the stainless steel food bowl. 


This stackable slow feeder design is what makes our product so unique as many other bowls do not have a removable slow-feeder bowl. 


This product is 100% food grade and is 49.8cm wide x 28.5 cm heigh and 6.9 cm deep, a decent size to grow with your cavoodle puppy.



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sharon Russell

Love the 3 in 1 feeder the water bowl is fantastic being taller so Miss Daisy the Diva doesn't get her ears wet and I love how you can have the feeder bowl normal or as a puzzle. It is of high quality and I highly recommend it. Also it goes with My black and white house😅 .. Thank you regards Sharon.

Stylish and practical

I’m actually saving it for when my pup gets older. I love it.. it looks great and very practical:)

Slow feeder

Such a great product! Slows down their feeding but aesthetically looks pleasing in my house


Nala loves her new bowl n feeder she got it for her first bday .

Harry Scherwitzel

I love that the water bowl is deeper than the food bowl…with 2 Cavoodles, the metal bowl os great for our slow water, and the “slow feeder” os perfect for our younger Cavoodle who gulps her food down…they love the lick mat too